Bot Update #1

It has been 2 weeks since we went live and we have received a lot of feedback from the community. Today we want to update you and answer some of the questions.

With German and English subtitles.

Mega Incentive Winners!

The calculations to determine which members brought in the highest volumes and qualified for the MEGA Incentive are now complete and it is our great pleasure to announce them to announce them today.

1st place – 3 wonderful nights in Dubai including Lamborghini rides goes to David Glades!
2nd place – 3 wonderful nights in Dubai goes to Ozan Arik!
3rd place – a weekend in a Lamborghini Supercar goes to BLOCK CHAIN CONSULTANCY!

We are also happy to announce two more winners who were randomly drawn for a dinner, theater or concert! The winners are Funda Nergiz and Maxwell Osuji!

We congratulate you all for your hard work and hope you enjoy your much deserved rewards!

New Bot FN3

Whoever thought that we will sit back and watch after the launch will now be a little surprised! Thanks to a great team, less than 24 hours later, already a new bot comes into our family. The FN3.

More info on

The Big Day

The release of the SWAPOO bots this Friday, 28 May 2021, will be the greatest milestone in the history of LÆTITUDE so far and for our partner company SWAPOO as well – so we’ll call it THE BIG DAY.

We’re looking forward for you joining us for the CEO David El Dib’s statement at 9:55 am UTC (11:55 am CEST), brought to you via our Vimeo-Channel. The bot release will be at 10:00 am UTC (12:00 pm CEST).

Watch David El Dib’s statement here:

4 Amazing New Bots

The SWAPOO trading and development department is constantly testing new bots and strategies in the background in order to be able to react flexibly to current market conditions.

We are therefore particularly proud to present 4 new bots for the big release on 28 May 2021, which can once again show a significant performance increase: 158.40%, 176.60%, 258.43% and a fantastic 278.06% are the 2020 performance values of the 4 new bots. These magnificent 4 will replace the previous bots.

Today we are publishing the detailed data and the new bots on our website, which will be available to our customers from 28 May 2021. In the next few days you can also look forward to an insight into the trading department and an answer to the question of how SWAPOO develops the bots at all.