Ready, steady …

We are very proud and excited to welcome more and more partners to LAETITUDE and to be present in more than 45 countries already. 

To help the international growth, we now offer LAETITUDE Opportunity Calls in 7 languages. You can find all the updated dates here.

In a few weeks’ time the much-awaited Swapoo bots will be launched and you, as a LAETITUDE partner, will have the opportunity to benefit from this with your purchased package. 

The Swapoo team is now working hard on the final programming of the API interface and is already extensively testing the usability for you and every partner. The focus here is on a simple and clear application.

When exactly the Swapoo bots will be launched will be announce very soon. We know how excited everyone is.

To be as prepared as possible, video tutorials are being created that will make it very easy for you to open an account with an exchange and set up the Swapoo Bots API interface in the future. These tutorials will be made available to every LAETITUDE partner at launch.

In addition, you will find lots of information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, soon to be launched on, the Swapoo Bots feature website.

Until the launch of the bots, the 12+6 months subscription promotion will be extended for all new LAETITUDE customers and partners. This is a great opportunity for everyone who has already joined us and who will until the start.

In addition, we are very happy to announce that Swapoo will also share the performance fee with you as a referrer. For further information please contact your upline. 

We are all very excited about the coming weeks and months. We are confident that the best is yet to come. We wish every partner and customer a much success.

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