New Bot “Flying Nimbus”

We are pleased to publish the information about our new powerful bot “Flying Nimbus” today. The “Flying Nimbus” will replace the “Double Cross” within the bot portfolio available to our customers even before the actual release of our bots.

We constantly react to market events and, depending on the development stage of our new bots, adapt the available bots in order to optimize the results for our customers. The Flying Nimbus is ready to go and achieved a remarkable result of 180.34% with its performance in the test year 2020. This made it the most profitable bot in the portfolio.

We are also pleased to announce that we have added a lot of information to the website. Each bot now has its own subpage, on which more detailed information can be found. In addition, there is a large FAQ area where you and your customers can clarify extensive questions about our products.

Until the actual release of the bots, we will provide you with a lot of other materials from now on in order to be well prepared for the actual start of using the bots, and also to be able to further successfully expand your business with your partners.

Stay tuned!

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