Bot Release, 28 May 2021

Dear Laetitude Community Member,

Today we would like to officially inform you about an exciting event that is coming soon. The release of the Swapoo trading bots. It is a very special moment, because this new generation of trading bots is now ready for the market.

A long road is already behind us because the Swapoo trading experts and programmers have been working for several years, leading to the release of this project.

Multiply millions have already been invested in research and preparation of market data, conception of diverse trading strategies, optimization with the help of test results over many years and finally in the programming of the individual algorithms, an industrialized trade execution engine capable of massive scale and a simple, intuitive user interface.

You probably can’t wait for the product launch either, so that you can finally use the trading bots for yourself.

On 28 May 2021 at midnight everyone who has already purchased their personal bot subscription in advance will get their access to the bots.

We will use the coming weeks to provide you with further important information so that you are as prepared as possible for the release date.

This includes an easy-to-understand video tutorial that will guide you through the registration process of your exchange account and the link between exchange and bots.

Currently there are still many benefits that you can effectively use for your team building.
We hereby extend the 12+6 month subscription promotion until the release date of the bots on 28 May 2021.

With this advantage subscription, the user saves a whole $534 with a Founder Special, which he would otherwise have to pay for the additional half year in fees.

Likewise, the division indicator of the CL6 Star Bonus Pool is currently still at 80%. A lucrative advantage that will slowly disappear step by step.

And the best is – we extend the Performance Fee Special until 30 April 2021. So everybody with 6 direct affiliates can manage to earn 1% of the performance of the level 3 affiliates in the future.

You may have already secured these benefits. Now help others to gain product access and participate in these enormous advantages, which are available before the bots are published.

Available for a short time only !