Upgrade Special incl. CL6 Star Bonus Pool!

Now’s the last chance to get the CL6 Star Bonus Pool by upgrading to a Founder Special!

For the next two weeks (until 16th May, 2021, 00:00 UTC) all upgrades to a higher package are available at a significantly reduced rate.

Members with only starters can upgrade just for:

🔸 Business Upgrade – 400 USD
🔸 Business Pro Upgrade – 1,100 USD
🔸 Founder Special Upgrade – 2,400 USD

Members with Business:

🔸 Business Pro Upgrade – 700 USD
🔸 Founder Special Upgrade – 2,000 USD

Members with Business Pro:

🔸 Founder Special Upgrade – 1,300 USD

Upgrade now to a higher trading limit and enjoy the very last chance to get a daily payout until 2026 from the CL6 Star Bonus Pool.