January Promotions

Happy new you!

As you know, we left no stone unturned to achieve a really strong close to 2021.
But it’s also important to remember that the key to an exceptional finish to the year is the perfect beginning!

We want you and all your new partners to really take off in 2022, so we’re giving you all the necessary tools to kickstart the year!

To achieve this, we worked with our top leader to create 2 excellent promotions that will strengthen your new team considerably.

2-1-1 Promotion
Everyone who registers as a Founder Special between 1 and 31 January, automatically qualifies for the 2-1-1 Swapoo Affiliate Bonus without any further steps.

$500 Promotion
Anyone who registers as a Founder Special between 1 and 31 January and successfully onboards 2 Founder Specials within 3 weeks [𝟷] of the registration date will get a $500 bonus! [𝟸]

[𝟷] The 3 week period starts from the Founder’s registration date which must be between 1 and 31 January 2022. This 3 week period may also run into February.

[𝟸] Bonus payments will be made in the week following registration of the second Founder Special partner.