As you will be aware, Laetitude is no longer using Swapoo for secure wallet services and thus, we have recently introduced functionality allowing you to fund, purchase and withdraw directly within Laetitude. With this in mind, we would like to encourage you to login and withdraw your balance at your earliest convivence and to continue…More


In the last few days you have received one or two emails from Swapoo which also affect our Laetitude members. As Swapoo and Laetitude still have a very close partnership, we can ensure that these changes will not affect your Laetitude accounts. Laetitude will continue to run as before. Swapoo’s adjustments will have an impact…More

New Website

Great news for our Laetitude community. The first part of a big release was published today! The new Laetitude homepage. The new website not only has a new good-looking design but also has a new feature on how to get your team partners more excited about your business than ever before. Our goal was to…More

Lætitude Leadership Bonus

Just 41 days left until the Lætitude Leadership Days! There’s excitement in the air as we get closer to meeting with you all in Parndorf! What’s so special about our Leadership Days? For this event, we have something fantastic in store for you on the subject of leadership. Hear the very latest news and listen…More

Enjoy More

We are all about being inclusive and it is important to us that the whole community can participate. Due to the rapidly changing times in which we live, it has become essential to make some adjustments to the upcoming Laetitude Leadership Days event. We are delighted to announce that, thanks to our dedicated Events Team,…More

Lætitude Leadership Days Update

Dear Laetitude Leaders, In light of recent unpredictable events, we have taken the decision to relocate our forthcoming Leadership Days from Romania to Austria. This is primarily to make it easier for you to attend, without the potential for disruption due to circumstances beyond our control. The event will now take place at the Pannonia…More

Leadership Days Special

For March, we have come up with something very special to support you and your team. We will offer you the opportunity to reduce your Lætitude Leadership costs to nearly $0. The promotion works as follows:All members attending this event in Parndorf (AUT) with a Business Bundle ($500), or higher, qualify. To receive this bonus,…More

Lætitude Leadership Days Parndorf (AUT) 2022

It’s that time again. We’re hosting another of our hugely popular Leadership Days and this time we are in Parndorf, Austria. We believe that there is no such thing as an overnight success story. Every fast-growing thing requires a long preparation time; and everything that takes lots of preparation leads to success, which brings with…More

Promotion extension

Beat the February Blues!February is widely considered to be the most difficult month to find the motivation for success. That’s why we’re extending the deadline of our 2 excellent promotions to give you an extra performance boost. Now you have until the end of February to participate in this exciting opportunity to set a firm…More

January Promotions

Happy new you! As you know, we left no stone unturned to achieve a really strong close to 2021.But it’s also important to remember that the key to an exceptional finish to the year is the perfect beginning! We want you and all your new partners to really take off in 2022, so we’re giving…More


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