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As you will be aware, Laetitude is no longer using Swapoo for secure wallet services and thus, we have recently introduced functionality allowing you to fund, purchase and withdraw directly within Laetitude. With this in mind, we would like to encourage you to login and withdraw your balance at your earliest convivence and to continue…More


In the last few days you have received one or two emails from Swapoo which also affect our Laetitude members. As Swapoo and Laetitude still have a very close partnership, we can ensure that these changes will not affect your Laetitude accounts. Laetitude will continue to run as before. Swapoo’s adjustments will have an impact…More

New Website

Great news for our Laetitude community. The first part of a big release was published today! The new Laetitude homepage. The new website not only has a new good-looking design but also has a new feature on how to get your team partners more excited about your business than ever before. Our goal was to…More

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