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Lætitude Leadership Summit Dubai 2021

Let the Countdown Begin! Another of our successful Leadership Events is drawing near. This time, we’ll be in Dubai from 27th-29th November, where we look forward to welcoming more success-hungry delegates from the Laetitude stables. The 3-day Leadership Event will take place at the Hotel Sofitel Dubai Downtown. Here are some details to assist you…More

Lætitude Leadership Days Prague 2021

Where Leaders of Tomorrow are Created! As we look towards the end of the year, one thing is certain: We will finish on a high!We want to share this special time with you at our Leadership event in Prague. Our motto is very simple: We are not players, we are WINNERS.When winners gather together, success…More

Visionary Call

Visions are the beginning of everything. They are the reason why we get up, why we move and why we are willing to face the challenges of life every day anew. LÆTITUDE gives us this vision. Several years ago, David El Dib laid the foundation that set us on a path for some truly great…More

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