Lætitude Leadership Days Prague 2021

Where Leaders of Tomorrow are Created!

As we look towards the end of the year, one thing is certain: We will finish on a high!
We want to share this special time with you at our Leadership event in Prague.

Our motto is very simple: We are not players, we are WINNERS.
When winners gather together, success is present in the room.

Reserve your place for this special event and you’ll find out how you can write your own success story.

Interest in our event has been high and we recommend that you reserve your place without delay.

Visionary Call

Visions are the beginning of everything. They are the reason why we get up, why we move and why we are willing to face the challenges of life every day anew. LÆTITUDE gives us this vision.

Several years ago, David El Dib laid the foundation that set us on a path for some truly great moments.

We are coming live from Vienna to empower you, give insights, reviews and, above all, outlooks on the future and the vision that drives us every day.

Be prepared for this extraordinary opportunity to use this phase for your personal success. This is a game changing moment – don’t miss it!

Lætitude Leadership Day – Prague 2021

Vouchers for Laetitude Leadership Days are now available in the back office!

Vouchers can be purchased in the product catalog. Each voucher purchased will be registered in the name of the purchaser. If you would like to purchase it for someone else, please use the “Purchase for Others” feature in the upper right corner.

The event is limited to 100 participants and will be held in German.
We are looking forward to a great time together in Prague!
See you there!

New Languages

Теплое приветствие and accueil chaleureux!
We are happy to announce that Laetitude is now available in 2 more languages. From now on, all course content is also available in Russian and French!
It is great to see our community growing all over the world.

Bot Manager Upgrade

Swapoo is happy to announce that starting from 6 August you will be able to manage your bot allocations much easier and more accurately.

With this new Bot Manager upgrade, you will be able to tell your bots exactly what percentage of your BitMEX balance you want to use for trading. With this update, you’ll never have to adjust your allocation again because of the BTC price movements! Isn’t that great?!

Find out more details and examples at https://t.me/swapoo

Bot Manager Update

There has been an update to the bot manager in Swapoo! From now on, when you set the allocation to $0 the manager will NOT liquidate all positions and allow them to be run down instead. If you want to safely close the positions over time without liquidating at the current market – you can set it to $0

Dynamic Graphing Tool

Swapoo is excited to announce the launch of a new dynamic graphing tool that will provide you with updates on the daily performance of our bots.
From today, Swapoo customers will be able to see up-to-date performance of our bots without the need to login to their exchange accounts. This tool has been designed, not only to introduce more transparency on bot performance, but also to allow our customers to see the bigger picture.
The tool is located on swapoo.ai and can be found on the details pages of each bot.

Bot Update #1

It has been 2 weeks since we went live and we have received a lot of feedback from the community. Today we want to update you and answer some of the questions.

With German and English subtitles.