Mega Incentive Winners!

The calculations to determine which members brought in the highest volumes and qualified for the MEGA Incentive are now complete and it is our great pleasure to announce them to announce them today.

1st place – 3 wonderful nights in Dubai including Lamborghini rides goes to David Glades!
2nd place – 3 wonderful nights in Dubai goes to Ozan Arik!
3rd place – a weekend in a Lamborghini Supercar goes to BLOCK CHAIN CONSULTANCY!

We are also happy to announce two more winners who were randomly drawn for a dinner, theater or concert! The winners are Funda Nergiz and Maxwell Osuji!

We congratulate you all for your hard work and hope you enjoy your much deserved rewards!

New Bot FN3

Whoever thought that we will sit back and watch after the launch will now be a little surprised! Thanks to a great team, less than 24 hours later, already a new bot comes into our family. The FN3.

More info on

The Big Day

The release of the SWAPOO bots this Friday, 28 May 2021, will be the greatest milestone in the history of LÆTITUDE so far and for our partner company SWAPOO as well – so we’ll call it THE BIG DAY.

We’re looking forward for you joining us for the CEO David El Dib’s statement at 9:55 am UTC (11:55 am CEST), brought to you via our Vimeo-Channel. The bot release will be at 10:00 am UTC (12:00 pm CEST).

Watch David El Dib’s statement here:

4 Amazing New Bots

The SWAPOO trading and development department is constantly testing new bots and strategies in the background in order to be able to react flexibly to current market conditions.

We are therefore particularly proud to present 4 new bots for the big release on 28 May 2021, which can once again show a significant performance increase: 158.40%, 176.60%, 258.43% and a fantastic 278.06% are the 2020 performance values of the 4 new bots. These magnificent 4 will replace the previous bots.

Today we are publishing the detailed data and the new bots on our website, which will be available to our customers from 28 May 2021. In the next few days you can also look forward to an insight into the trading department and an answer to the question of how SWAPOO develops the bots at all.

Upgrade Special incl. CL6 Star Bonus Pool!

Now’s the last chance to get the CL6 Star Bonus Pool by upgrading to a Founder Special!

For the next two weeks (until 16th May, 2021, 00:00 UTC) all upgrades to a higher package are available at a significantly reduced rate.

Members with only starters can upgrade just for:

🔸 Business Upgrade – 400 USD
🔸 Business Pro Upgrade – 1,100 USD
🔸 Founder Special Upgrade – 2,400 USD

Members with Business:

🔸 Business Pro Upgrade – 700 USD
🔸 Founder Special Upgrade – 2,000 USD

Members with Business Pro:

🔸 Founder Special Upgrade – 1,300 USD

Upgrade now to a higher trading limit and enjoy the very last chance to get a daily payout until 2026 from the CL6 Star Bonus Pool.

Mega Incentive 2021

Laetitude’s vision grows with every partner joining us every day. Our worldwide network is the foundation for the success we have achieved so far. As our success grows, so do the incentives available to you. Not only to make a lot of money in BTC, but also to make dreams come true. We are now in the final stages of the exciting upcoming release of the Swapoo bots.

For the best of the best, but also for all those who strive with us in a small way, we are proud to present the best incentive Laetitude has ever sponsored.

Rank 3 – Lamborghini for a weekend
Rank 2 – Dubai* for 3 nights
Rank 1 – Dubai* for 3 nights including Lamborghini for the weekend

*flights and hotel for 2 persons

All direct partners are counted, who have been newly registered and have purchased a product within the period May 01, 2021 – May 28, 2021.

Rank 1-3 will be evaluated based on the largest direct sales volume.

A further two prizes will be raffled among all partners who, within the same period specified above, refer at least one new partner who purchases a product.

theatre/concert tickets*
gourmet dinner coupon*

  • for 2 persons

Good luck to you all

Visionary Call

Visions are the beginning of everything. They are the reason why we get up, why we move and why we are willing to face the challenges of life every day anew. LÆTITUDE gives us this vision.

Several years ago, David El Dib laid the foundation that set us on a path for some truly great moments. Now, one of these landmark moments is imminent: The bot release from the partner company Swapoo.

Now we are entering the hot phase, accompanied by an unprecedented mega incentive, we will make this event one of the biggest events that you, as a part of the LÆTITUDE community, have experienced with us so far.

We are coming live from Dubai to empower you, give insights, reviews and, above all, outlooks on the future and the vision that drives us every day.

Be prepared for this extraordinary opportunity to use this phase for your personal success. This is a game changing moment – don’t miss it!

GER: Sat, 1 May 2021, 05:00 pm UTC (19:00 CEST)
ENG: Sat, 1 May 2021, 06:00 pm UTC (20:00 CEST)


New backoffice function

The Notification Settings feature are ready to use from today. This makes it possible for users to control the email notifications related to career level promotion that they should receive. This can be found in the Settings page.

Minimum Career Level:

If this is set to CL 3 Star, the user should be able to receive an email about his enrollment tree member that has been promoted to CL 3 Star or higher.

Maximum generations in enrollment tree:

If this is set to Receive all, the user will receive an email every time anyone from his enrollment tree is promoted to the Minimum Career Level.

If max generations is specified, the user will receive an email from users promoted below him in the enrollment tree up to a maximum number of generations.

Bot Release, 28 May 2021

Dear Laetitude Community Member,

Today we would like to officially inform you about an exciting event that is coming soon. The release of the Swapoo trading bots. It is a very special moment, because this new generation of trading bots is now ready for the market.

A long road is already behind us because the Swapoo trading experts and programmers have been working for several years, leading to the release of this project.

Multiply millions have already been invested in research and preparation of market data, conception of diverse trading strategies, optimization with the help of test results over many years and finally in the programming of the individual algorithms, an industrialized trade execution engine capable of massive scale and a simple, intuitive user interface.

You probably can’t wait for the product launch either, so that you can finally use the trading bots for yourself.

On 28 May 2021 at midnight everyone who has already purchased their personal bot subscription in advance will get their access to the bots.

We will use the coming weeks to provide you with further important information so that you are as prepared as possible for the release date.

This includes an easy-to-understand video tutorial that will guide you through the registration process of your exchange account and the link between exchange and bots.

Currently there are still many benefits that you can effectively use for your team building.
We hereby extend the 12+6 month subscription promotion until the release date of the bots on 28 May 2021.

With this advantage subscription, the user saves a whole $534 with a Founder Special, which he would otherwise have to pay for the additional half year in fees.

Likewise, the division indicator of the CL6 Star Bonus Pool is currently still at 80%. A lucrative advantage that will slowly disappear step by step.

And the best is – we extend the Performance Fee Special until 30 April 2021. So everybody with 6 direct affiliates can manage to earn 1% of the performance of the level 3 affiliates in the future.

You may have already secured these benefits. Now help others to gain product access and participate in these enormous advantages, which are available before the bots are published.

Available for a short time only !